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Download Samsung Kies

Download Samsung Kies

– It is a free desktop program for computers running windows OS and is a PC sync utility for syncing your Samsung android smartphones including Samsung Galaxy S, Vibrant (T-Mobile), Captivate (AT&T) and more. In short, Kies is the “iTunes” for Samsung smartphones.

People love Apple not just for their products like Iphone, Ipad and Mac but also for their software. This includes the popular iTunes. Samsung had quickly realized this and released its own free PC syncing app for all its android based smartphones.

To install the Samsung A8 Star PC Suite Software for Windows for the first time, do the following:

  1. Extract the downloaded file.
  2. Double click on .exe file.
  3. Install the driver.
  4. Select run if security warning popped up on your laptop / PC Screen. 10 successfully installed.

The Samsung PC suite Software for smartphones can perform the following tasks very smoothly and quickly: Organize: First, you can organize the data stored on your Samsung phone so fast that it seems very easy, although it is not so easy. The PC Suite software for Samsung A8 Star can organize the data stored on the phone when the Samsung phone is connected. It also allows you to preview and enjoy multimedia and other things on your Samsung smartphone.

Multimedia: The Samsung PC package media management tool can detect and play all your favorite multimedia content from the Samsung smartphone you use. You can enjoy the section of your multimedia content.

Synchronization: sync everything on your Samsung phone, including your personal information: contacts, calendars, images, call logs, text messages, and more. This facilitates the use of their technology at the same time. When data is synchronized between your computer and your Samsung phone, you can use the same tone on both devices.

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Backup: Samsung A8 Star PC Suite can help you make a backup of all your data on your personal computer. Then you can use your Samsung smartphone without fear of losing data. Transfer: Samsung A8 Star PC Suite allows you to quickly transfer files between your personal computer and your Samsung smartphone, and even other phones.

System update: Like other Android smartphone software, PC Suite also helps the user to update their phone with the latest version directly from their computer. You do not have to download ROM packages to your device separately since PC Suite is solely responsible for finding the latest update and installing it on your device.

Messages: Users can quickly write new messages directly from the computer and send them to one or more recipients. There is also an option to import and export existing messages between your computer and the device.

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