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Завод оконных конструкций «Фаворит» в Нефтекамске

Завод оконных конструкций «Фаворит» в Нефтекамске

«Фаворит» — торгово-промышленная компания, с 2006 года занимающая существенный сегмент рынка пластиковых окон в регионе.

На заводе используются самое современное европейское оборудование, обладающее большой производственной мощностью. За годы работы компания не только завоевала доверие тысяч клиентов в Удмуртской Республике, но и вышла на рынки других городов и регионов, в числе которых г. Нефтекамск.

Introducing Android™ Apps on Windows 11 to Windows Insiders

Windows is the most open platform on the planet for creators. Part of living our commitment to openness is welcoming partner technologies and content that deliver powerful experiences. And what makes Windows, well, Windows is the variety of apps available. So, with Windows 11, we announced a new Microsoft Store to showcase the best experiences from developers, a flexible and transparent commerce model, and the introduction of Android™ apps.

Today, we are announcing the first preview of our Android apps experience into the Windows Insider Program. We are proud to deliver this experience with our partners – Amazon and Intel – to Dev and Beta Channel users in the United States on eligible devices running Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm platforms.

Experience Android apps on Windows for the first time

To dive in, open the new Microsoft Store and find a selection of mobile experiences that were not available on Windows before. These Android apps and games join our broader catalog, which has everything you are looking for – from core to casual games, sophisticated productivity suites to social experiences, creativity tools to niche hobbyist apps, and developer tools to entire virtualized environments.

Home page of Store spotlighting Amazon Appstore.

Our new Microsoft Store search experience delivers the best results available, regardless of the technology used to build an app, because we are committed to offering you choice when more than one option is available. And when you’re ready to download an Android app, the Amazon Appstore will guide you through the rest of the flow and get you on your way.

Running Android apps and games on Windows 11 will feel familiar, effortless, and integrated – just as you would expect. You can easily run these apps side-by-side with the help of the new Snap Layouts feature, pin them to your Start menu or Taskbar, and interact with them via mouse, touch, or pen input. Android apps are also integrated into Alt + Tab and Task view to help you quickly move back-and-forth between the apps that matter most to you. You can see notifications from Android apps notifications in the Notification Center or share your clipboard between a Windows app and an Android app. We have built the experience with accessibility in mind; many Windows accessibility settings apply to Android apps and we are working with Amazon to deliver more improvements.

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Read your Kindle books on a Surface Pro X.

Read your Kindle books on a Surface Pro X.

We have partnered with Amazon and popular app developers to curate 50 apps for Windows Insiders to test and validate across a broad set of hardware. We will release new apps through Windows Insider Program updates in the coming months.

Here are a few examples of what you can try today:

  • Mobile games: Play some of the most popular mobile games like Lords Mobile, June’s Journey, Coin Master, and more.
  • Reading: Enjoy reading your favorite book with Kindle, or a digital comic series with Comics on your Windows tablet and swipe pages with the ease of a finger.
  • Kids content: Teach your child math, reading, and writing skills with award-winning Khan Academy Kids, or build new digital spaces with Lego Duplo World.

Built on new Windows platform technology

To enable these types of experiences, we are introducing a new component on top of Windows 11 called Windows Subsystem for Android™, which powers the Amazon Appstore and its catalog. The Subsystem includes the Linux kernel and the Android OS based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) version 11. It is distributed through the Microsoft Store as part of the Amazon Appstore install, which will allow users to stay updated over time as we continue to add support for more APIs, capabilities, and scenarios. The Subsystem runs in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine, like the Windows Subsystem for Linux. It understands how to map the runtime and APIs of apps in the AOSP environment to the Windows graphic layer, the memory buffers, the input modes, the physical and virtual devices, and the sensors.

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Matchington Mansion (Windows Subsystem for Android), Word (Win32), Pinterest (PWA), and Gimp (Windows Subsystem for Linux) apps running side by side.

Matchington Mansion (Windows Subsystem for Android), Word (Win32),
Pinterest (PWA), and Gimp (Windows Subsystem for Linux) apps running side by side.

The Windows Subsystem for Android is available across the full spectrum of Windows processor types (AMD, Intel, and Qualcomm). We are partnering with Intel to leverage Intel Bridge Technology to enable Arm-only apps to run on AMD and Intel devices, enabling customers to get the broadest set of apps on the broadest set of devices. In order to provide a performant and secure customer experience for the Windows Insider Program, the Subsystem requires Windows 11 machines to meet minimum system requirements – and we will use this release to validate and adjust these requirements.

We are partnering with Amazon in engaging the developer community, and we will have more details to share about early developer programs to publish Android apps to the Amazon Appstore – for now, please visit the guidance from Amazon. Developers interested in publishing to the Amazon Appstore will get access to tools to debug and test their apps on Windows; and we are releasing a preview of those tools today. For more information, please visit our support documentation.

What to expect next

To get started with using Android apps on Windows, please visit our Windows Insider Program instructions. We invite you to help shape this product by sharing your experiences through Feedback Hub. We will continue to release updates to this experience through Windows Insider Program updates in the coming months.

Today’s announcement signals new opportunity for developers and creators on Windows. To quote a close partner – today is Day 1. We are inspired by what we can create together.

Android is a trademark of Google LLC

Editor’s note 10/20: Post was updated to reflect broader availability on eligible Windows PCs for the Kindle app.

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Editor’s note 11/4: Post updated to reflect availability in the Dev Channel.

5. Без «Активных углов» использовать Mac очень непривычно

У меня углы отвечают за список приложений и команду для отображения рабочего стола

✓ Что сделать: настройте их после нажатия кнопки «Активные углы» в меню «Системные настройки» → Mission Control.

Рекомендую поближе познакомиться с этой возможностью. Когда подводите курсор к одному из углов, будет запускаться избранная функция. Это очень и очень удобно.

Collaborative Creativity

OBS Studio is equipped with a powerful API, enabling plugins and scripts to provide further customization and functionality specific to your needs.

Utilize native plugins for high performance integrations or scripts written with Lua or Python that interface with existing sources.

Work with developers in the streaming community to get the features you need with endless possibilities.

Browse or submit your own in the Resources section

© 2012 — 2021. OBS and OBS Studio are created and maintained by Jim. Development by OBS Studio Contributors.
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Watch Online Videos in Picture-in-Picture on Windows

To watch an online video (such as a YouTube video) in picture-in-picture mode on your Windows PC, use a modern web browser like Chrome, Firefox, or Edge. These browsers offer the option to turn your online videos into floating windows on your PC.

How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Google Chrome

In Chrome, you can use either a built-in option or an extension to enable picture-in-picture mode for online videos. For the extension method, we have already written a guide so check that out. Here, we’ll only focus on the built-in option.

To start, open Chrome and open the site where your video is located. We’ll use a YouTube video here.

Start playing the video. Then right-click on the video and you will see a black menu. Do not select any option from this menu.

Right-click a video in Chrome.

Right-click again on the video (outside of the black menu area) and you will see a new menu. From this menu, select “Picture in Picture.”

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Right-click a video and select "Picture in Picture" in Chrome.

And immediately, Chrome will detach your video and turn it into a floating window on your screen.

A picture-in-picture video in Chrome.

Your video will continue to play while you work with other apps on your PC. When you want to disable this picture-in-picture video, hover over the floating video and click “X” in the top-right corner.

Click "X" in the top-right corner of a Chrome picture-in-picture video.

And Chrome will turn off the picture-in-picture mode.

How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Mozilla Firefox

Like Chrome, Firefox also has a built-in picture-in-picture mode.

To use this mode, first, launch the site where your video is located. Then start to play the video on that site.

To the right of the video, you will see a square icon with an arrow in it pointing to the bottom-right corner. Click this icon to activate the picture-in-picture mode.

Enable picture-in-picture in Firefox.

Firefox will detach your video and add it as a floating window to your screen. You can now open other apps and windows while still being able to watch your video.

A picture-in-picture video in Firefox.

To turn off the picture-in-picture mode, hover over the floating video and click “X” in the top-right corner.

Click "X" in the top-right corner of a Firefox picture-in-picture video.

How to Use Picture-in-Picture Mode in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge also comes with the picture-in-picture mode built into it. You can access this mode from the context menu for your videos.

To use the feature, open Edge and launch the site where your video is. Start to play the video.

When the video plays, hover your mouse over the video and right-click it. You will see a black menu; don’t select any option from this menu.

Right-click a video in Edge.

Right-click outside of the black menu (but still on the video) and you will see a new menu. From this new menu, select “Picture in Picture.”

Right-click a video and select "Picture in Picture" in Edge.

And Edge will add your video as a floating window to your screen’s bottom-right corner.

A picture-in-picture video in Edge.

When you have finished watching the video and you want to close it, at the top-right corner of the floating video, click “X.”

Click "X" at the top-right corner of an Edge picture-in-picture video.

The above procedure may not work for all sites out there, like Vimeo. In those cases, use an Edge extension to enable picture-in-picture mode in your browser.

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Best Overall: Sony WH-1000XM4

Sony WH-1000XM4


  • ✓ Excellent Active Noise Cancellation
  • ✓ Comfy over long periods of time
  • ✓ Phone call quality is awesome
  • ✗ Touch controls aren’t everyone’s favorite
  • ✗ No IP rating
  • ✗ Not the most affordable pair

For most people, there’s no better pair of over-ear headphones than Sony’s WH-1000XM4 model. Although slightly pricey, you get what you pay for: an awesome pair of headphones with gorgeous noise cancellation. With Sony’s Dual Noise Sensor technology and five built-in microphones, these headphones cancel out background noise almost flawlessly.

Those five built-in microphones also help you sound crystal clear on phone or video calls. There are touch sensor controls on the headphones that let you easily answer phone calls, control your music, activate your voice assistant, and more.

Sony uses Edge-AI and Adaptive Sound Control to give you a personalized listening experience based on the kind of music you like. And with this current-gen pair of headphones, Sony improved the design to relieve pressure from your head and ears, making it more comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

These Sony headphones are compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac devices, and can be used with virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri. You can expect up to 30 hours’ worth of battery life out of these headphones. And should you run out of battery, charging them for just 10 minutes will get you about five hours of playback. Or, you can always use them wired instead of wireless, but you won’t be able to use the ANC feature.

The only real downside to these headphones is that there’s not a clear IPX rating, but Sony states that they’re “equivalent to IPX4.” If you’re not planning to use them while you work out, this isn’t a huge issue.

Sony WH-1000XM4

For most people, Sony’s WH-1000MX4 headphones are a solid choice, with top-tier noise cancellation tech and a great battery life.

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